“The architect must be a prophet… a prophet in the true sense of the term… if he can’t see at least 10 years ahead, don’t call him an architect.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Northland Design & Construction looks at each commercial construction project in a holistic way. Our process begins with listening to each client and finding out their exact needs.

When we work in collaboration with our team and you to come up with a complete design and construction plan to not only meet your goals, but to enhance your space so that you can be more successful in your business.

What makes Northland Design & Construction unique from other commercial construction companies is that our goal is to help you move your business forward through design and the creative process.

We’re not just about getting the project done, we’re about creating a new space for your business to grow and succeed.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your business or start a new one, our job is to help you move your business forward. Our approach is to work in tandem with you to get the best results.

At Northland Design & Construction, Inc., it’s not about the construction itself, it’s about helping you get to where you want to go.