Design and General Construction Services in Waitsfield, VT

Northland Design & Construction Inc. has been designing and building quality structures for festivals, residential and commercial properties since 1978.

The construction company (based out of Waitsfield, Vermont) was founded by Russ Bennett, a designer, builder, sculptor, social activist, and planner as well as an artist and musician in his own right. Russ experiments with architecture, metal, music, fire and other materials and is often surrounded by an eclectic group of business people and artists. Russ brings ideas into reality and it shows in the quality of the work of Northland Design & Construction.

What separates Northland Design & Construction from other residential and commercial construction companies is not only the attention to detail that is incorporated in the design and planning stages of a project, but also the collaboration process with the client to ensure all their goals are met.

Northland Design & Construction works with a talented team of artists and designers from around the country. Whether the project is designing and building a high-end energy efficient custom home, a restaurant, bar, theatre, hotel or the re-birth and revitalization of buildings on the National Historic Register, the design process and attention to quality, detail and the visual arts remain the same.

Our Latest Design & Construction Projects

Northland’s projects, whether they are domiciles, faux wedding chapels, burlesque boutiques or 60-foot interactive fountains, are varied and diverse. All of these undertakings incorporate the collaboration between a variety of talented artists, architects, designers and you. Some of our commercial construction projects include:

Magic Hat’s Artifactory

The Red Hen Baking Company

J. Morgan’s Steakhouse

More About Russ Bennett

Russ has been involved in social and political issues for his entire adult life. His volunteer efforts range from high school vocational program advisor, to civic organization officers. These roles include President of Sugarbush Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the local Planning Commission for 15 years, and his most current role as Policy Board Member for Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility.

He has served as Director of Jaycees, Affordable Housing Coalition and the Walking Path Commission. He also served as the Chair of the Transportation Committee responsible for bus service in the Mad River Valley, was a member of the Mad River Valley’s three-town regional planning commission, and past delegate to Vermont’s political convention.

Russ remains active in many social movements, is supporter of many arts organizations and a regular supporter of young, fledging artists, musicians and artisans.